The dustpan & brush might not be dead, but this handy tool from Milwaukee makes life a lot easier.

The  is a dust extractor that attaches to most SDS drills and delivers HEPA-standard dust & debris filtration.

Working in schools, I often have to perform drilling tasks before the children and staff arrive.  This tool will give me maximum productivity and cut down the amount of time cleaning up after an installation project.

The unit has an auto-on mode, where the extractor starts working as soon as you start drilling as well as an always on and an off option.

To make the unit universal, Milwaukee ship the tool with three different sizes of adjustable collars. These collars can then be attached to snugly fit tools of nearly any size. The drill can also be mounted on the left or right depending on your preference.

I used this last week when installing some interactive touch panels and it caught over 90% of the brick dust. I would imaging that when working above your head on ceilings etc, it would catch even more.

Come on all you electricians, we know you hate the dustpan & brush… this could be the tool for you!