I heard about the following scam via the Derbyshire County Council Scams Awareness Bulletin 03/07/2018

Car Scams
Mr K: More and more cars are having “keyless entry” systems fitted. I am told it is relatively easy to buy gadgets that can overcome these and therefore car thieves can quite easily gain entry. My son had his new Range Rover taken from outside his house without anyone knowing until hours later.

Whenever we park outside a theatre, a cinema, a sports ground etc, thieves know we are going to be there at least a couple of hours. If we leave papers containing our address, a sat nav into which our home address is programmed and sometimes our house keys, it is easy for thieves to gain entry to our homes and know that there is little chance of being disturbed. I appreciate that many of you are well aware of these dangers and take the necessary precautions but a reminder is often useful.

This may sound obvious, but it’s always best to share and make people aware of the tools and techniques used by the scammers.